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All of this matter seems to matter more

than these moments built out of magic.

Embedded behind our open eyes

is a world wide web,

not connected through cords and cables

but our energy and our emotions.

Let the voice beneath our senses

inform us and guide us.

Let our knowing be led from a place

not built by hands but hearts.

Let our love drive our actions

and let us experience the magic

deep in the toes of our souls.


All this matter matters

more when you give yourself away.

The strength of your spirit rests

in the resilience of your faith.

You already know the truth.

You have always know it.

So much of your time


is just about

remembering and releasing

and resting in the warmth of your heart.





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When you dance,

let your spirit dance too.

Let your hair fall down and

float into the air,

and let your eyes radiate

like the light from the skies.

When you dance,

let your spirit dance too.

Let the space you fill be endless,

and the hands you hold be

like those of your own.

Let your feet be free

and watch as you begin to take flight.

Like a feather,

like a cloud.

When you dance,

let your spirit dance too.

It has many things to show you,

and you,

you have much to learn.

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The music here has created a movement,

and beauty is bleeding from within.

Everything is esoteric,

seeds budding and stemming from a glance, from the simplicity of a soft, gentle touch,

from my heart and to and through you.

All of this, of course,

has always been,

and always will be.

Harmony has passion,


fear flies with just as much grace as that of

a diving dove.


Now and again, illusions form–

blankets of snow are tricks from the midnight moonlight,

whispers beyond the hallway are shakes from a cold chill,

and painful thoughts are only fragments from feelings of the past.

We have buried ourselves,

all of us.

In so many shapes,

in so many ways,

in so many places.




But now, the air is aberrant

and these vessels;

these veins and vines,

these eyes and ears,

see and feel and hear

the heart of the matter–

the only matter that has ever mattered.


And so we travel on,

picking up the pieces,

trying to live our lives like circles.

Perfect in our own rotations.

All to touch again,




tender to shine together

we all are,

as long as we breathe



our skin.

As long as we share




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Thy luscious valley veiled a cove of calamity,

As far beyond thy ocean routed waves of wrath and fury,

And thy hills were of emeralds, a glowing grace of green,

And the mists of thy morning dew were thy lord’s holy beam,

While the horizon was silver, beyond riches to any pocket thou fill.

All the tellings of the morning leave thy heart heavy still,

As a soothing companion was a wind upon thy warrior,

True it be told, telling tales of long past and vanished glory here,

But still thy horses galloped to the ocean ire’s,

To face thy evil, and thy enemy, eyes to eyes,

And thy pain and pattern of such past cometh to cloak again,

And the wind that had whispered with solace and hope, silenced in end.

Such hope was held in the hands of all hearths that die upon the cove,

Thy voices echo in valley and in virtue, and live still in good soul,

But battle be denied to good soul that silence cries, fearful and faint to fight,

What it be but in vein, to continue remain in the clasp of a foe’s darkened night,

And that foe be only one of continuant sum, raged by sin and led to sacrifice,

Not of a lord or a love of world here and above, but of self which feed entice,

Be this a man of power and none, whom want the world as if he can sole create,

And if such cometh true, he turn on you; and but a voice in the winds be thy fate.

Thy stories that last of warriors past be not taketh to pages of ages to set,

For thy bleed through the pens, haunt and remind thy men, that their battle not won yet.

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