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The tall grass is singing from crisp, crushing wisps,

As layeth  the wavers from the wind,

With a fiery sun setting in auburns and avail,

Jasmine jewels of violet reap to blood abashed,

Two glimmers glowing, like chasm and clamor,

Ly left to the dancing of grass and wind,

But it be there as if a third movement take ablaze,

Senses, not secrets, such arms of orchestral omega,

The commencing be keen and the noise be knives,

Needling, piercing, and unremitting,

And as the menace of this magnum opus finite,

It be nothing as the all atrocious beginning,

Where it lie and linger, it now vest to vanish,

Where it once all, it be now, of only, none,

Grody roots be it nothing, royal growth it all,

Majestic menace is the mind of many, not one,

From brushes of grass and winds of whispers,

A canvas is born in craft,

Strokes of fear, be the fleeting of fingers,

Freeing many from one, to all colors that beith within,


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