This whale is floating,

water is so weird.

In all its beauty, it creates so many questions.

Too many for those of us that wish to remain

in the latter.



These whales swim on the surface like paintings covering the canvas of the ocean,

everything is flat but I’m right up against it.

The water escaping in explosion,

like liquid ladders to the clouds.



Imagine an internal image fully expressed.

How many words would it take?

How much time would be lost?



I’m just watching whales in the water.

Do you see? Over there,

to the left.


What do you see?




My cat has a disposition just like me.

All of my thoughts are born in the books I read.

And the tune I hum now, is a song I’ve heard before.

And old fights resurface as new world wars.


There stood before this land, an original man once,

but now we’re all just bastards, buried in a bunch.

Yes, we’re all just bastards, trying to learn how to lead,

but leading is the same now as following what we think we need.


This cat has a way of being so cautious with her love,

like the vital aversion of faith, that brings us closer to above.

Hovering Above

Heralding at the half mast,
Propagating another storm.
Living in the moments past,
Like a dead, still moving earthworm.
Just coming for the desert sand
and a fever that swirls with the wind.
Circles and clouds create a land,
Broken once, but now–in the air, amend.
My hands are dirty,
This earth creates such a mess.
The life of a man at thirty,
Holding on, in fading remembrance, of what he bless.
The fruits of the future hover above like stars,
Within, and without, like dreams they always are.


Within our lenses, and without a dime,
I watched you walk across the room as if it were a lake.
Too much mashed potatoes hung in my belly,
and rain water chimes rung in my ears—
there’s always some music now,
playing on like atoms in the air. Never the same, and only
remembering them as moments, forgetting each time
what had come before it was now.
All of it just touched out and into the open through my fingers,
leaving me like sound waves from a sad, stormy drum.
I watch you always,
even beyond the white, wooded doors.
I want you always. If only I know, I know this.


I feel you everywhere.
We travel as far as an endless leap,
as far and as dark as the ocean deep.
Forever we search,
and for always we find.
With the love and the light,
and I with you, and you with mine.


The door cracks softly and you show me your smile.
A new song starts. We melt into the mattress and you say things
through the motion of your lips, I hang from the cliff of your every hush.
Unspoken sensations suddenly spring into life.
We have always found each other
in this sacred soil,
where I offer you my soul without secretes.


Naked in your nameless beauty
my love resides.

And I feel you everywhere.

Burning sunlit life as sparked circles and smiles,

a carnival of the dead and the living,

dancing together in these searing winds.

Crackling like distance drum beats and waving like long-lost flags.

Radiant colors glowing iridescent,

just beyond the ledge of my window.

Summer breathes its hot air on the back of my neck,

exploding my skin with sweat

in a pool of exhilaration.

Such things remain purposeful,

and all the while,


I breathed you in, ocean air apart,

The branches of my chest, suppressed,

Over skin grazed land I found you.


And swallowing, a salt kiss,

Suspended in a pool of infinity, indefinitely,

Lamp covered light fields led me through.


The resonating rain drops, the chin raised looks,

The body of my heart, howling heavily,

Like a nomadic wolf, I search for you.


You’ve buried me below your dreams,

like a sleeper strangling in the sheets.

You’ve buried me below your dreams,

beseeching for a breath beneath this frozen, frigid lake.

My beckoning to you is silent now,

with movements quite uneven.

But this surface is smooth,

this covering above me,


I wear it as if it were my own skin;

unshakable, and permanently stitched.

A part of my purpose, or perhaps,

my entirety for eternity.

All the more sad it seems.


You’ve buried me below your dreams

my dear,


death will come to us all.

You’ve buried me below your dreams,

and the Summer of our lives

is quietly fading to the onset of Fall.


And where are you, above this earth?

Where do you roam to with such dogmatic determination?

Where do I reside inside you?

In between hope and frustration?


I wish to hold you near, as, like the leaves,

we crumble and dry.

I wish to love you softly and slowly, together,

today and always,

as we die.


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