Cutting through to the clear skies

and the open fields that dances with the

movement of the wind.

Whenever I come here,

I find myself alone,

emerging from the forest like a lone wolf.

It doesn’t take long before I think of you

and you approach me from those mountains

in the distance.

The woods is my only path back,

but the peace present in my heart

only seems to exist here

in the open field of your company.

We laugh like fools at all of our mistakes

and those days were we let our love come last,

or even just second to something else.

I can never stay long

there are still so many more mistakes to make

and I keep needing to be reminded to lead with love.

But your home is here,

amongst the beauty of the open world.

And I’ll see you again.








In Our Lives

In our youth, a truth leads us

but we must first learn to listen

and follow without fear.

In our grief, love comforts us

but we must first be willing let go

and leave our ideas of loss.

In our lives, there is a force that binds us

but we must first break past the shadows

and see that only we create our own darkness.

And then,

so too is it true

that we create our own light.



I have seen death,

it has come as my friend.

I have felt death,

it has broken my bones.

I have known death,

we once shared a bed.

I have lost death,

a Child of God.

I have feared death,

the Father of Man.

I have loved death,

with all my heart.

I have lived death,

amongst the forest fires


the energy of everything

that is.

In the Mirror

In the mirror,

swift hands

move hair

that now sits


in traffic.

On the road,

a throat clears

the loud sound

of thoughts and

welcomes in an

air of silence.


This was yesterday

and perhaps

all of the tomorrows,

had there been

anymore to



Thank God there wasn’t.

And we watched

as happiness found you

just as soon as you

escaped a life in repeat.


The Smell of You

I am carrying the smell of you.

It covers my hands.

How do I make a poem of this?

How do I tell it true?

How do I hold you now?


As I drive away

for the last time,

I cry,

covered in your fight for life.

I can’t help but thinking of you

with all of those

ridiculous tubes,

but the spirit of this world

has you now,

and I know

it’s time for me to find the grace

buried beneath the grief.

The love left in my heart.



Beyond the fear of

the feeble maybe

is anything.

What do you choose?


Do you foresee a darkness?

What shall it mean?



it will cover you when

you feel blinded by the sun.


you will lay in the damp,

dark dirt of the earth

and call it all a blessing.


this shadow will lead you to light.


it’s all bullshit.


We always

decide our


What do you choose?

Bending Space

Just a soft toke of smoke,

a mellow sound from a humming horn

bending space with waves of grace.


And you retrace your face

back to the top,




Let silence take over for a change.

In life, there are these moments

when no one knows what

to do.


It’s always best to find a seat

and listen to the beat for a bit.

And Get Back in rhythm with





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